DTDC Courier Charges from Mumbai to Pune

We have compiled here the list of DTDC Courier charges from Mumbai to Pune based on the service type they offer and based on the weight of the shipment so that you get an idea of how much they would charge if you were to send a courier from Mumbai to Pune(sometimes the price varies from Pincode to Pincode in each city).

Courier cost from Mumbai to Pune depends upong the weight of the shipment in Grams/KG’s and depending upong the Volume/dimensional weight of the shipment whichever is higher.

DTDC Lite Courier Charges from Mumbai to Pune:

Weight Price Mode
250 Grams 65 Air
500 Grams 80 Air
>500Grams to 1KG 120 Air
>1KG to 1.5KG 160 Air
>1.5KG to 2KG 200 Air

Note : For every additional 500 Grams upto 5KG the cost would be Rs.40. Above Rates are Inclusive Of the Applicable Fuel Surcharge, Service Tax And Educational Cess.

DTDC Cargo Courier Charges from Mumbai to Pune:

By Air
5kg – 300
Additional 1KG Cost – 60

By Surface:
5kg – 200
Additional 1KG Cost – 40.

If you have any further queries and need more information you can contact the Customer Care of DTDC. For tracking of your package delivery you can track it via DTDC Courier Tracking.

You can also follow the link to compare DTDC charges with other companies Courier charges from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad.

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