Best Courier Services from India to China

There are various ways of which couriers can be transferred from one location to another and today many companies are been providing the best courier services to reach the goods to the customer destinations. Although we have local postal services which deliver the parcel, but these does not deliver the parcels at correct shape or time as well. Courier services are the best option for clients or individual customers to deliver their goods at correct time and to correct destinations securely. Charges are applied to customers based on the weight and service booked by them.

Top Courier Services from India to China

Following are the list of top courier services from India to China where customers can opt the service based on the need and time.

5. Parcelfromchina:

ShenZhen Royal International Logistics is the other name for Parcel From China which offers an innovative multiple logistic service to its customers which makes operations from China easier. It is registered in Hong Kong with worldwide networks supporting customers to deliver their goods to the destinations. The company accepts the secured payment protection method where some of the cards are not allowed for payment. Direct express and mail shipping service from China is accepted which is faster and more reliable service for sending the products to the destination. For more details about the services offered by the company, customers can refer website.

4. Unitrans:

Unitrans Express is the well known international courier service company started in the year 1995 which offer completed logistic and courier services to its customers. With in short span, the company tied up with many corporate companies and organizations meeting international and domestic courier requirements. Within these years, it has been recognized as the best courier service company maintaining high quality service all the time. It delivers the services to more than 210 countries via overseas associates in USA, UK, Canada, Dubai etc. For more details like price, tracking, etc customers can refer the website.

3. TNT:

TNT Express is one of the world’s largest courier service companies with its existence in more than 200 countries. The company takes care that parcels, documents and freight items deliver safely to the destinations. Customers have wide range of services with strong portfolio in the fields of healthcare and automotives. All the customer consignments are handled with care and try to deliver the goods very securely. Customers can send the package and before booking for the service, customers can know the price through TNT Price Check in advance.

2. ICC World:

ICC Worldwide is the first company to offer courier services from USA to India. It is having more than 3 decades of courier experience offering an innovative courier and logistic solution to its customers. It also formed the joint venture with I2C world Inc offering the complete outsourcing to customers all over the world. It offers the best and cost effective courier services connecting India with other countries very fast and in an efficient way. The company is always updating with the latest technology which included world time calculator, currency converter, tracking etc for the convenience of customers. For more details about the company and its technologies, customers can refer the website.

1. DHL:

DHL is the leading courier company in India that offers excellent courier service to the customers at lowest possible prices. It offers express delivery services with its extensive network branches located overseas. It provides smart tools like Online tracking tool which helps the customers to know the status of the shipment. To aid customer satisfaction company even provides electronic proof of delivery by entering the Tracking number on the If you have any queries related to the services offered by the company kindly visit the Customer Support Team to solve your problem.


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