Cheapest Courier Services From Malaysia to India

Courier services are the nowadays known as the trusted delivery services for the safe transport of goods from one location to other location. There are many courier services from Indian to malaysia  among which few of the preferred courier services are listed below.

Cheap Courier From India To Malaysia

5. Rapid Parcel: It is one of the leading courier services that deliver the parcels to India from Malaysia. It offers same day delivery, pallet delivery, European delivery, UK same delivery, international delivery services at cheaper rates. It is the most reliable courier service which uses advanced technology like automated booking, parcel tracking, address book downloads, bulk consignment, mobile optimized site etc. Customers can easily get quote to deliver a parcel to India by visiting the provided link. Even company do provide easy online Tracking tool to know the status of the shipment by entering the tracking number on the website.

4. Patel Express Courier: It is an International courier service that operates in many regions. It offers express delivery services from Malaysia to India at cheaper rates that are charged as per the weight of the parcel. It offers free pick up and free packing facility for the customers along with 100% insurance on their parcels. The products covered by the company are clothes, spices, pickles, temple products like wood or stone, sweets, utensils and many more at cheaper rates. It has partnership with the companies like FedEx, UPS, Bambino Express, DHL, Skynet worldwide Express, Aramex, Airwings etc it provides the courier delivery services to the customers. To know more details kindly visit company official website.

3. First Flight Couriers: It is one of the cheapest courier services that hold more than 1200 branch offices across India. With main focus on speed, safety, reliability and economy, the company is aimed at delivering the best quality services to the customers. It also has 10 international branch offices located in different regions and with the help of them, the company offers courier services from Malaysia to India. The company offer charges as per the weight of the parcel and toi make easy access for the customers, the company also provide tools like transit time calculator, destination locator, priority pin code locator, rate calculator, volumetric weight and many more. To avail the tracking option or to know more details about the company, kindly visit the company website.

2. Dynamic Parcel: It is a reliable courier service that delivers any kind of parcels from any region globally. Customers can even compare courier prices offered by the company depending upon the weight of the parcel. Customers can easily book for the payment online and avail the services through the website. It also offers Converter tool which helps to estimate the price charged by the company as per that weight. It holds many branches around the globe and offer express delivery services through road or rail or by air depending upon the service chosen by the customer. To know the courier rates charged as per the weight of the parcel kindly visit the Company official website.

1. ICS: Indian Courier Service is one of the leading logistic service provider that transports and delivers the products to India from Malaysia. It offers courier and cargo service to the doorsteps to customers located in any country at low cost. It provide services like international courier, domestic courier, bullet document service, door to door service, excess baggage services, air freight service etc.  to make easy access to the customers it provides easy tools like volumetric conversions, world time and free pick up request. Customers can also book for a courier online and can check the status of the delivery by using the easy online Tracking tool provided on the main website.

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